Project IC4HEDS - Internet marketing workshop - Sharing all the precious tips and tricks with students

Internet Marketing – Competence Building for Employability Boosting is the first workshop from the series of workshops Technology innovation center Medimurje ltd. (TICM)(lead partner on the IC4HEDS project) has planned within the project Intensive Courses for Higher Education Students (IC4HEDS). Their purpose is to give students a chance to gain knowledge and skills that will allow them to stand out in the labor market and help them get the job they want. When planning the workshops, project partners were led by the major gap existing in the labor market, between qualifications college students gain throughout formal education and the qualifications employers are looking for. One of the goals of the project is to overcome the mentioned gap. The project is focused on the knowledge from two areas: digital transformation and Industry 4.0., but also on the entrepreneurship, business, and new market trends that can be of use to students.

Martina Zadravec, Sales Area manager from digital media agency KG MEDIA, has shared her knowledge with students from the Faculty of Organization and Informatics, University of Zagreb (FOI), including all the tips&tricks you can only get with years of experience in the respective field. The workshop lasted for four hours and students had the opportunity to learn about Internet Marketing basics and all they need to know to be successful in the area.

After the introductory part, participants had the opportunity to learn how to define the target groups and why it is important to do it right. It was emphasized how important quality is in the world of digital marketing, so if you have a high-quality web page with relevant content you have already done a great part of the job attracting and retaining customers. To attract customers in the first place, it is necessary to create ads with quality content and this kind of ads will always have the advantage in the Google search engine, in comparison with less quality and better-paid ads. When in the process of creating a strategy for attracting new clients, it is important to know that you get their attention and an opportunity to interest them for a very short time. Likewise, their patience is very short when they are waiting for a web page to respond, so it is important that web pages are designed well, responsive and functional. Social Media Advertising has a lot of perks but you have to know what you're doing to succeed. The workshop was a  good start for the students that participated, they learned the basics and got a lot of great advice. In the final part of the workshop, students were introduced with Facebook Business Manager and Google Manager through real examples, lecturer used existing user accounts to introduce them with this digital marketing tool.

Thanks to the experienced and knowledgeable lecturer, workshop was a success. This was also due to active students who have been asking interesting questions throughout the whole workshop. It was filled with great ad examples, on some of which we have even cried but most importantly the participants have understood how powerfull ads can be if done the right way. So it was no surprise to us that participants have expressed interest for more similar workshops and it is a good news that we plan to organize more of them.

Project IC4HEDS - Intensive Courses for Higher Education Students is an Interreg V-A Hungary-Croatia, cross-border cooperation project. Project partners are the Faculty of organization and informatics and Technology innovation center Medimurje ltd. from Croatia and form Hungary partners are University of Pannonia te Nagykanizsa business incubator. Project ic co.financed by Interreg V-A Hungary-Croatia.