BDP tool poster at Srce DEI 2023 conference

BDP tool - DEI 2023
Research group from the Learning Analytics Laboratory, Full. Prof. Blaženka Divjak, Ph.D. (Head of the Laboratory), Darko Grabar and Petra Vondra, are authors of the „Balanced Design Planning (BDP) tool“ poster, which was presented at the Days of e-Infrastructure, University Computing Centre, University of Zagreb (Srce DEI 2023) conference.

The BDP tool is a research-based, innovative, constructive-alignment oriented and modular solution based on learning outcomes (LOs) and learner workload as foundations of learner-centered learning approach.

The BDP tool, which was developed within Erasmus+ projects „RAPIDE - Relevant assessment and pedagogies for inclusive digital education” and “TEACH4EDU4 - Accelerating the transition towards Edu 4.0 in HEIs” is free to use and available to everyone, and in just a few months it achieved an impressive number of  900 users from 30 countries around the world.

Furthermore, the European Union has recognized the importance of the developed tool and has enabled the BDP tool team to continue their work through the new international Erasmus+ project “iLed - Innovating Learning Design in Higher Education